Mental Health

One Love Longview Counseling Center has free counseling available for those battling mental health issues.


One Love Longview Counseling Center has free addiction support for you or your family member.


One Love Longview Medical Clinic has free medical assistance for those who need it.

LGBTQ+ Support

One Love Longview Counseling Center has free support available for LGBTQ+ members.


One Love Longview is proud to partner with a variety of businesses and organizations in our community to help distribute available resources.

Would YOU like to partner with us, too?

Food and Clothing

  • I am having a hard time feeding my family.
  • I do not have clothing for the season.
  • I need help with hygiene products.
  • I need help with applying for programs to determine what assistance I might be eligible for.

Longview Dream Center

Longview Community Ministries

Violent Situation / Trafficking

  • I think I might need help escaping a violent situation.
  • I am being trafficked.

Women’s Center of East Texas


  • I am homeless.
  • I need to find temporary shelter.
  • I am a woman with a child(ren) who needs shelter.

Hwy 80 Rescue Mission
House of Hope

Veteran Support

Rent / Utilities

  • I need help with my rent or utilities

Longview Community Ministries

Addiction and mental health issues are side effects
of a lack of support in many ways.

They often occur in people who need help but get overlooked,
either by family and friends or by society at large.

  • They cause illnesses that destroy the body and mind.
  • They cut across all lines of society–gender, race, religion, socioeconomic.
  • Addiction and mental illness don’t care who you are or where you come from. Everyone is susceptible. Anyone can suffer from them.
  • Unchecked, they can ruin lives, tear families apart and devastate communities.

One Love Longview is on a mission to bring healing to our community and to our most at risk populations. We want to remove the stigma of getting help, whether it’s going to counseling for addictions or mental health issues, or getting help feeding your family.

Amanda Veasy and her team of volunteers know that when one rises, we all rise. Having ‘been there and done that,’ her quest in life is to help the impoverished.

  • To lift up those who need help.
  • To raise the individual, and therefore bring unity and oneness across Longview.
  • To inspire kindness, goodness and positivity.
  • To raise us all up.

Whether you need help or you can help, One Love Longview is here for YOU!

Contact Us and see what One Love Longview can do in your life!